Hey Betsy, you were just confirmed an hour ago.

Congrats! You have now paid your way into a position you have no qualifications for. In case you weren’t already aware, you are now in charge of an incredibly broken system in need of dire reform.

Your actions directly impact the futures of all of our children. You are in charge of making sure that our future generation is capable of taking care of our country. Lot of power, huh?

I’m not going to lie, Betsy, your intentions concern me. You believe that disabled children shouldn’t have an equal right to education. You’re not really about the whole public school thing. You think that public school teachers are overpaid.

But really, what do you know about public school?

You never put your children in public school. You never attended a public school.

I’m happy for you that you have the funds to send your children to whatever school you deem fit. It must be nice to be a billionaire, yeah?

But unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for the vast majority of Americans.

Your beliefs about education are going to ruin the future of millions of children. Education is a right, regardless of socioeconomic status, disability, or location, and your refusal to acknowledge this is deeply disturbing.

Good luck, Betsy. We’re all going to be fighting you every step of the way.


Written by briannamcisaac

Hey! I'm a sophomore at Wheelock College, majoring in Educational Studies and Humanities with a Lit focus with a minor in Writing and a minor in competitive fruit snack eating. I'm from Newton, MA, which is a little suburb about 20 minutes from Boston. Talk to me about culturally inclusive education or deconstructing the patriarchy!

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