To “The Little Guy”,

First of all, we gotta talk to Tommy and get rid of that nickname.

Ok, I’ll admit first I did not like you. I thought you shot the ball way to much in the earlier half of last years 2015-16 season and that there was no way you would ever be the modern day Paul Pierce. (Just so you know I love Paul Pierce.) But that was my bias towards the most recent era of Boston Celtics basketball. You see, as a huge fan I just wanted you guys to win games and be in the successful future already.

It took some time but then I realized we have more in common than I thought.

  1. We both have an immense amount of love for the Boston Celtics
  2. We are both 5’9. (Don’t worry Wikipedia says we are average height)
  3. We both have Birthdays coming up in February
  4. And I f****** hate Dennis Schroeder too.

Then I realized how amazing it is that you are able to do the things you do and not even blink an eye at the differences in height that are seen on the floor. On top of that you were the last pick in the draft turned into sixth man turned into an All-Star, to now what is undoubtedly a rightful candidate for league MVP.

Not only have you become a symbol for hard work and never giving up on someones dream but you are what all New England Sports fans embrace in their teams. You are the “against all odds” figure that we have seen in Tom Brady. You have the toughness that all Bean Town fans require. You have the energy, the talent, the drive, and the personality to bring fans together to watch the games.

I was certainly wrong in doubting you at first and I deeply apologize for that. Shooters gotta shoot and you can clearly score. I look forward to the Boston Celtics 17th Championship with you leading the cause.

Bleed Green!





Written by Austin Rindfuss

My name is Austin Rindfuss, I am a third year student at Wheelock College. (Boston) I was raised in the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Special Education, and Environmental Studies.

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