I had been peacefully snoring along, lulled to sleep hours earlier by the typing of my roommate and the soft buzzing of my phone from the texts I was ignoring. Then, my foot kicked my window, and the sharp clank ripped me from my dreamland. Awake and irritated, I flipped over, only to have the window creak again. This window was now my sworn enemy. It stays quiet, waiting for me to fall asleep, and then strikes as soon as I’m vulnerable. Now, to be fair, I’m a wiggly sleeper. However, I don’t appreciate the neediness of my window. If you ignore it for more than an hour, it whines in protest, flapping against the window and causing a ruckus. Finally, I shoved a pillow in it, and rolled over, refusing to listen to its creaky protest for any longer.

And then the heater started groaning…..


Written by briannamcisaac

Hey! I'm a sophomore at Wheelock College, majoring in Educational Studies and Humanities with a Lit focus with a minor in Writing and a minor in competitive fruit snack eating. I'm from Newton, MA, which is a little suburb about 20 minutes from Boston. Talk to me about culturally inclusive education or deconstructing the patriarchy!

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