Attention my make-up obsessed friends….the end is neigh!

This Friday, October 21st, Sephora is opening its new store right in our very neighborhood!

How Dare They!!! With no warning at all last month they put up this big mock store front with the date! That beautiful date when the store would open. My first reaction was one of shock! How incredible, all of my make up prayers have been answered. No more are the days of journeying all the way to the Prudential Building to pick up the newest highlighter just to find out it is already sold out because it took you so long to get there! (I’m looking at you champagne pop!)


And then it hit me. How could they do this to me! I am already broke because of Target (which is right next door). This is not the answer to my prayers, this is my worst nightmare. I’m sure it will start slow.. a new eyeliner because I can’t keep using this nub forever, a beauty blender because it no longer returns to its color but to a grayish tone of what my foundation looks like.


Then one day I’ll get a little too bougie and buy a whole eye shadow palette just because it smells like chocolate! I’ll need some new brushes to go with that and why not buy a new mascara to highlight my new eyeshadow, and just when I thought I couldn’t need anything else, I head to the counter and I see it! The tiny travel sized products that I know I don’t need but they are just too cute and tiny (Plus they are smaller so it’s gotta be cheaper right?) Wrong! They aren’t a better deal its all a trick don’t do it!


As your hand reachers for the smallest container of moisturizer you have ever seen you hear “next!” This cashier might have just saved you from starvation this week. She rings up all of your items and asks for your “Beauty Insider” card. You’ve earned enough points for an adorable black and white striped make-up bag that won’t even hold half the stuff you just bought and you think to yourself.. Man it feels good to get free stuff (even though its not free)! She hands you that precious bag of goodies and your receipt and you are out of there swearing to your best friend you are not going back until after Christmas…knowing damn well you’ll be in there next week doing it all again.



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