“Yes, lunch is at 12:00. Yes, we are going to go swimming. No, we can’t play GaGa again today.”

(for those of you wondering what in the world “GaGa” is, click here.)

Summer is over which marks the beginning of the awkward, “declining your campers on Instagram 12 times a day” season.


As stressful as the job may be…sometimes you just have to sit back and think..”my job is to literally play with kids, in the sun, all summer, and make sure nobody gets hurt.” Okay, well maybe there is more to it than that, but looking from the outside in that is pretty much it. If you are not familiar with working at a summer camp I promise you there is much more to it than that. I often find that people think it is an easy job. Don’t get me wrong, its a great job and a lot better than bussing tables for 8 hours straight, but there is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a counselor. Think back to middle school for a second…gym class….you were CRAZY right? Now imagine 140 kids from the ages of 6-13 in gym class, all day long for five days out of the week. It’s no joke. Which is why on “Popsicle Friday’s”  we give the children popsicles , hand them off to their parents at 3:30 and call it a weekend.


For those of you who have worked at a summer camp, I am sure you agree it is one of the most rewarding things you have done in your life to date. But seriously, our resumes will say “Camp Counselor, 2000 and whatever to 2000 and whatever” with no mention of our proudest moments. Getting the opportunity to teach a child with exceptional learning needs how to kayak, or singing “A Whole New World” next to a nervous little girl on stage are moments that mean a lot to me as a counselor. These are moments that define us. It reminds us (well some of us) why we really are going into the field that we are. Whether it be teaching, day care providing, coaching, pediatrics, you name it, there is something amazing about working with children.

Now that the morning songs are over, they are suddenly not as annoying as I remember. Instead of waking up to play, its back to waking up for class.


But being a counselor for five summers now I would recommend the job to anyone. For me, I have Oak Crest Cove Summer Fun Program to thank for all the memories!


Until next summer!



Written by Austin Rindfuss

My name is Austin Rindfuss, I am a third year student at Wheelock College. (Boston) I was raised in the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Special Education, and Environmental Studies.

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