So you are scrolling through your Instagram, and what do you see?
A few cute dog pictures….
someone else having a beer at a red sox game..
And, then you see it!
Another one of your friends, swinging without a care in the world on a giant light up circle with the classic SIA reference in the caption
Suddenly the FOMO sets in, why haven’t you been to the fun light up swings? Everyone else is going! But is it really worth that long T ride?
Well, wonder no longer my friends! I have taken on the great responsibility of breaking down the social media facade to tell you what going to Lawn on D is truly like…….
What is the Lawn on D?
It is described as a “first-of-its-kind interactive space in Boston” with an “experimental landscape”. The space is located on the waterfront in South Boston. The space hosts different exhibits and entertainment groups through its season as well as fun games such as ping-pong and bocce.
How to get there:
The first time I went to the Lawn on D, I took the T to south station and walked. When I went to report on this story, I was not so smart. My phone told me to get off at Broadway and walk. Well after about 15 minutes of aimless wondering, my girlfriend, my best friend, and I ran into another group of girls headed for the same social media hot spot. And how you may ask did we know they were going in the same direction? 3 girls, dressed and Instagram ready with a classic cross body to round out the look… you do the math.
We teamed up with the other girls and journeyed together for what seemed like another 20 minutes through some very strange and not very well lit areas of Boston, and just as we were ready to give up hope, we heard it. The sound of music bumping through the night and then there it was.
 Walking in through the security guarded gate, our minds filled with the image of swings as far as the eye could see. So we traveled through the tent of music and concessions, across the field of corn hole and in front of us stood the infamous swings…with a giant line in front of them of course.
**This is where I shatter the illusion**
 If you haven’t already been, I am sure everyone will tell you how great it is, how much fun they had. Let me set the record straight, they are lying to you. There is nothing fun about standing in line for 15+ minutes while people in front of you take photo after photo of the same cliché poses you’ve seen all over on Instagram. In just one week, Instagram will see about 1000 of these swing photos, and thats just the ones tagged with the location.
Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 1.58.54 PM.png
You wait patiently for your turn (because in reality there are about 20 swings for everyone to share), but as you wait the evening becomes less and less fun. You realize your swing pose isn’t as original as you thought, and you also realize it isn’t so easy to sit on them either. This is especially true when trying to complete the much coveted group shot. The atmosphere is fun for a few minutes but then becomes overwhelming, boring, and everyone becomes increasingly more annoying.
Okay! You made it you are on the swing…but now you feel like a jerk for taking so long with photos because thats all you really came for, and you know how it feels to be the person in line. You don’t even feel like swinging on the swings because you might bump into the people behind you! You hurry up get your shots, a few laughing, one cute one, maybe a boomerang or two. And then just as soon as you get on the swing you are getting off. But that is it, a fleeting memory of the uncomfortable plastic sticking into your skin as you try to look cute for the camera. Your moment is through, now all that is left is to choose which photo to post and what caption you will use. But did you really have any fun?I know I didn’t.
And just to be clear I did it for the blog…..okay maybe I did it for the gram!

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