It’s a slow night on campus, you’ve finished all your work and you are feeling nostalgic. So of course you open up your laptop, click over to Netflix in search of your favorite Disney Classic only to find it isn’t there!

Why is the sequel to Pocahontas on here but not Lion King?

Where are all my Disney Princess movies to set unrealistic expectations of love for me?

Here is a list of Classic Disney movies Netflix truly needs to add:

1. The Lion King

I mean seriously this is a no brainer!


Even if you don’t know any thing about Disney movies, You have at least heard someone sing “NAAAAAAZAAAAAAQUENNNNNA” once in your life.

2. Toy Story (Any of Them)


How could we leave out Buzz & Woody? They taught us all about friendship and gave us the cheesiest relationship quote of all time “to infinity & beyond”

3. The Little Mermaid


Everyone deserves to sing-a-long in their dorm room like a sea princess!

4. Aladdin


Genie….Enough Said!

5. Bug’s Life


Who doesn’t want to sit back with a nice poo-poo platter and enjoy this gem!

6. Beauty and the Beast


You can stream 11 different AirBud movies, but you cannot see Belle throw shade with the lift of a single eyebrow.

7. 101 Dalmatians


Nothing makes a long week of papers and projects better than puppies….101 to be exact.

8. The Jungle Book


With the new live action version coming out, we have to brush up on the bear necessities….of lying in bed and eating snacks

9. Alice in Wonderland


All we want is a little escape after a long week of adult-ing


10.  Cinderella


Where is our fairy godmother to grant our Netflix wishes?

Maybe with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust all of our video streaming dreams will come true!






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