With many contracts expiring this coming NBA offseason, one name stands out more than the rest…Kevin Durant. There has been constant conversation about the potential destination for the superstar all season. However, it is just recently that people are starting to think about the Celtics as a new home for “The Durantula”

Late October, Sports Illustrated submitted an article that explains everything there is to know about his contract expiring. From potential destinations all the way to a pretty sweet video capturing 10 minutes of footage containing all of KD’S clutch shots with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The point? To show how important of a player this former 2008 Rookie of the Year and 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player award can be to an organization.


If Kevin Durant is that good, why would he want to leave the third place team in the star packed, Western Conference of the NBA?

Well Kevin Durant is not a selfish player and he shares the spotlight in OKC with arguably one of the most talented and athletic players in the league, PG Russel Westbrook. This is a dynamic duo on paper, and certainly on the highlight reel, however, they are unable to win a championship no matter how hard they try.

I still remember admiring the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2011 when they were making their first Western Conference Finals appearance since changing the name of their team from the “Seattle Supersonics.”  However, they fell to the Dallas Mavericks in the series 4-1. The following year, Kevin Durant led the Thunder to the 2012 NBA Championship. This time, the lost to the LeBron James and the Miami Heat. In 2013 they lost in the quarterfinals and in 2014 they found themselves losing once again, in the Western Conference Championship. Last season, Kevin Durant missed most of the year due to injury and the Thunder failed to make it to the playoffs at all. This shows that the team really is not the same without Kevin Durant however, if he walks this summer, they will hand the reigns over to Russel Westbrook and build around him. After all, the season before Kevin Durant went down in injury was the season after winning the leagues MVP award. While he was out, Westbrook had averaged 28 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 7 assists. These are all career high averages for him prior to this year. Despite them being dynamic to the media and stat sheets, they both know that they can also hold each other back from their full potential.

Kevin Durant (left) Russel Westbrook (Right)

Recently, former marketing employee for the superstar took to twitter. Nate Jones, stated that it was probably in Kevin Durant’s best interest to check out Boston as an option this summer. He claims that Boston has a bunch of good assets for Kevin Durant, along with a good General Manager (Danny Ainge) and coach (Brad Stevens.) Not to mention he would be on one of the greatest basketball teams in league history. For a more clear description on Nate Jones’ opinions click here to see the article Celticslife.com released.

Why else would he join the Boston Celtics?

Kevin Durant is one of the few players who in my opinion, is highly capable of winning a championship without a star studded roster like the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers or even the Miami Heat a few years back with Bosh, James and Wade. Yes, this contradicts the fact that he is unable to win one with Russel Westbrook on his side but I think if KD was the guy who took every last shot and was constantly looked at to score he would be even better than he is now. I say this because he is an unselfish player who does not pay much attention to his stats like his sidekick in OKC may do according to some chatter across the league.


The Celtics hold several great supporting roles and are in a great spot in the Eastern Conference right now, without a superstar. The best part is, they would be signing Kevin Durant, therefore not having to trade anyone away for him. (There probably would be some trades made to clear up cap space considering it would be a huge contract in order to sign him) Not only is everyone on the Celtics roster currently great at defense and extremely aggressive with their winning mentality but they are all unselfish. This places Kevin Durant into the system perfectly. With Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, and Marcus Smart bringing the ball up as well as creating fast breaks from their high steal numbers, it allows for Kevin Durant to do his thing and score the basketball. If he joined the team, they would still probably have to bring someone else in and that reoccurring issue with the Celtics is a rim protecting big man. This would probably mean trading Jae Crowder, Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller somewhere along with one of our picks (hopefully not Brooklyn’s first round pick that belongs to us this season) and bring in a talented, young, all star caliber Power forward/ Center.

This would make our starting lineup look something like: Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Kevin Durant, Jared Sullinger, and the said new big man. Allowing, our draft picks to still make an impact on the bench along side Evan Turner (if he resigns), Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk and others.

This is a totally hypothetical situation unfortunately and the odds of Kevin Durant “bleeding green” next season our slim but sure make sense, and are possible. The main target for him is most likely the Golden State Warriors, but there is too much star power there for him to truly find and I predict a messy situation when it comes to who gets the shots over there is he decides to sign.

Not to mention Kevin Durant would be joining the Boston Celtics Organization as another one of their great small forwards, if anyone else remembers, oh I don’t know…Paul Pierce and Larry Bird.

Former Celtics Small Forward, Paul Pierce, admiring Celtics Legend, Larry Bird

A Boston Celtics fan can only keep his fingers crossed at this point.






Written by Austin Rindfuss

My name is Austin Rindfuss, I am a third year student at Wheelock College. (Boston) I was raised in the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Special Education, and Environmental Studies.

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