69 Salem St. Boston…Home of the North Ends affordable pizza.


At Ernesto’s you can get basically one half of a large pizza for 4 dollars. How? When you ask for two individual slices they will stop you and say “are you sure?” This is because one individual slice of Ernesto’s is equivalent to TWO large slices anywhere else.

Don’t believe it?

sausage pizza
One slice of Sausage Pizza

Point Proven. One slice=two slices.

This pizza joint is a hidden gem considering its location is a tiny hole in the wall. It is a narrow little restaurant but shaped perfectly for its long lines that go out the door. It has plenty of seating and they waste no space considering the bathroom is downstairs and covered with Frank Sinatra pictures. The staff is very laid back and love making pizza. Not only that but they love serving it to us college students and everyone else that finds there way into the pizza heaven that is Ernesto’s Pizza.

Sun-Thur: 11-9 / Fri-Sat: 11-11


Cultural slice of Caprese pizza



Written by Austin Rindfuss

My name is Austin Rindfuss, I am a third year student at Wheelock College. (Boston) I was raised in the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Special Education, and Environmental Studies.

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