Ever been inside an IMAX theater? They are pretty crazy. The sounds and clarity of the screen make you feel as if you are really there in that moment experiencing everything that the screen is offering you.


As of right now the New England Aquariums, Simons IMAX theater is offering three different choices.”Humpback Whales”, “Jean Michel Cousteau’s Great Ocean 3D”, and “Great White Shark.” These are all terrific options to go and check out.

New England Aquariums IMAX Lobby

Why should you? Because you can go to just the IMAX for a cheap discounted price without having to pay to get into the Aquarium. Also, this will offer you a great experience I promise. The theater is amazing and always well kept too. Going to the IMAX will not only be a fun experience but it will help to show you and all of your friends how important the oceans are to our existence. These films will do this in two different ways, by telling you the ocean is in great danger, and the other way is to just make you fall in love with what you are seeing on screen.

See?  If you bring your college I.D to the ticket counter you can get into the film of your choice for $7.95. This is important to take advantage of because it might be the only cheap thing this aquarium has to offer!

If you are interested in seeing the trailer to any of these films the links are posted below.

For the “Humpback Whales” trailer click here

For the “Great White Sharks ” trailer click here

For the “Jean Michel Cousteau’s Great Ocean 3D” trailer click here

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Written by Austin Rindfuss

My name is Austin Rindfuss, I am a third year student at Wheelock College. (Boston) I was raised in the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Special Education, and Environmental Studies.

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